The History of Our Clinic

Originally founded in 1964 by the late Dr. Woody Forbes, FMY Orthodontics has been a part of the West Tennessee community for over 50 years. Although the main clinic has always been located in Jackson, Dr. Forbes wanted to ensure that all residents of West Tennessee had a convenient choice for orthodontic treatment, so he developed several satellite offices across the area. “We went to serve the needs of our patients,” Dr. Forbes said. “It was difficult for many of them to take off from their jobs to travel to Jackson for an orthodontic appointment, so I decided to go to them.” The current satellite locations are Dyersburg, Martin, Henderson, and Paris.

Through the years, several doctors joined the practice. Previous orthodontists, in addition to Dr. Forbes, include Dr. James Youmans (1999) and Dr. Jesse Thomas (2008). Both previously practiced within other West Tennessee orthodontic clinics before joining FMY Orthodontics and have since retired. Dr. Dan Merwin (1996), Dr. Preston Miller (2003), Dr. Carol McCraw (2011), Dr. Eric Buchner (2012), and Dr. Chip Trammell (2015) currently serve as orthodontists here at FMY. 

Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself or your child, FMY Orthodontics would be happy to serve you!  With an outstanding reputation across the entire West Tennessee community, we confidently commit to giving you an excellent experience as you entrust us with your orthodontic needs.